Is it Possible to “Go Green” Without Being an Ecologist?

Go Green! It is for sure an expression that just in case you don’t know the meaning, has made you thought a lot about it. Well, go green is the name by which we know the trend that has been on the rise lately.

Which trend? A fashion or musical one?

No…It is directly linked to the commitment felt by some human beings to care for the environment, which (as you can notice) has been terribly damaged by humans ourselves. So the sensible thought of wishing to compensate nature (a minimum little bit compared to what we’ve done) is the trend we are speaking about.

But isn’t it an ecologists trouble? I shouldn’t know how to do it, I didn’t study for it. My goals are absolutely apart from ecologism.

Well, think for a while about the family you might wish to have someday or you already have. For sure you’re not the one who will live a world war for water or even pure air to breath, but your beloved younger relatives will. Don’t you feel worried about such undesirable fate for them?… How would you feel if in a future you could see all of that disaster and think that someday in the past and somehow you could do something to avoid it?… And yeah! this will not change all of a sudden, and you won’t be the only one thinking of the biggest universe happening or the most complicated strategic formula to make this stop, but… we really need you!

So I’ve decided to write how Go Green can also be applied in different areas in which you can be earth’s hero such as home, office, diet, clothing and products that are used daily.

But let’s begin by understanding this trend in philosophy:

We can synthesize Go Green lifestyle by mentioning three words: REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE… All of these are terms that we recognize and are able to handle. When we talk about “reducing,” we link it directly to the exercise of rational consumption. If you’ve not noticed, everything we buy is eventually translated into garbage and this entails a disproportionate waste of natural resources. There are actions that we can use to reduce, for example, you can start by:

  • Taking with you a cloth bag when shopping
  • Reducing the use of aluminum foil
  • Paying attention to energy and water consumption
  • Leaving aside the disposable products
  • Opting for purchasing products with less packaging

Now see something about “reuse” (Another action that help us reduce). It is about finding more and more uses for objects we have at our disposal. Also an option for reuse, is to donate those items that have already been used and are well preserved to others who need them instead of throwing them. Thus, our Go Green contribution will be in saving energy that would have been spent to produce them again. With small actions we can join to reuse, for example, when we go to the supermarket we can choose to bring drinks in returnable containers, we can also take the time to see pieces of clothing we have in the closet and use no longer, giving away clothes that we don’t use anymore can help a lot; also begin to restore furniture, this trend with vintage decorative or reused accessories for the home is fantastic.

And the idea of “recycling” can not be forgotten. A true Go Green person transforms things. He also knows the importance of preserving the raw material and therefore adapts to give new ways to use materials he has at home and that can be very useful. On the issue of recycling it’s important to highlight the work of our community. Being interested to know if in the area in which we live there are specific places that we can bring paper, glass, plastics and metals accumulated at home to make the most of them can be really useful.

With our actions at home, no matter how small they are, we can generate a minimal impact on the environment. Thus a person, a family or an entire community can join the trend Go Green! What are you waiting for?

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