Time To Go Biking

According to Bike Picnic,

European countries such as Spain, Denmark, Poland, Holland and France, and in some Asian as China, the bicycle is a very common means of transport among its inhabitants. And it is believed that around the world, 800 million bicycles roll every day, with benefits not only for people but for the care of the environment.” (http://www.bikerevolution.ca/bike-or-car-easy-decision/)


So why isn’t this means of transport much used by people? Many people complain about thepossible danger in their cities as an excuse to not bike regularly. Others argue that the designof their cities is not suitable to ride bikes and that people in cars do not respect the biking path, so they feel at serious risk of being a victim of a traffic accident.

For these reasons as well as others, bicycling in many countries is still mostly done for recreational purposes only. So, if you have not yet considered using your bike as a form oftransportation, whether it be a short or long distance, you should seriously think about it. Biking can benefit your health, help the environment and it will save you money.

Let’s see some of the benefits of using bicycles as means of transportation:

Riding Your Bike Will Improve Your Emotional as well as Physical Health
-It will improve the activity of your cardiovascular system, make your muscles stronger, and increase the capacity of your lungs.
-The cholesterol levels in your blood will be reduced.
-Increase your motor skills
-Biking is a great aerobic exercise that will decrease the risk of becoming obese or overweight
-Your mood will improve and your level of stress will go down
-It is a great family fun activity

Riding Your Bike Will Help the Environment
A city with many cyclists riding the streets is a city that makes the environment very happy. Itwill reduce environmental pollution and the amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide,hydrocarbons and other toxins that contaminate the air.

Thanks to these benefits, many cities in the world now bet on the massive use of bicycles as an alternative for mobilizing people. In many cities around the world, governments promote programs of public policies development that favor driving bicycles, such as constructing bike paths, public bicycle rental and other innovative projects that have achieved a significant increase in the use of two-wheelers vehicles in the world.

Bicycle transportation is a totally ecological practice and also promotes healthy lifestyles for people and decreases the mission of toxic gases to the atmosphere.

And I understand that going green is not as easy as it seems sometimes, that’s why, besides telling you the benefits that it brings to your health, I want to make it sound even nicer, that’s why I wrote also for you the…

Advantages of Caring for a Family Economy

It’s getting more interesting now, ain’t it?

Well… here we go…

When riding a bike, you will be saving a good amount of money, because you won’t be spending money on maintenance, car insurance, gas, toll roads, parking, bus fare, etc.

Safety First

So if you decide to Go Green and use your bike for your daily commute, you should take some precautions to make your travel safe.

  • Use the right shoes. Using comfortable shoes is preferable to avoid sprains or other foot problems. 
  • Always use sunscreen to prevent skin diseases such as skin cancer due to a prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Remember always wear a helmet and colorful garments to achieve being seen by other drivers at night or when weather conditions are difficult.
  • If possible, protect your eyes with glasses to prevent environmental pollution or smog that might affect your vision. 
  • Avoid using headphones and other distractions that affect your concentration when driving your bike.
  • Always respect traffic signals.
  • If you have muscle, bone or heart problems, consult your doctor before making the decision to ride a bike.

 So thanks to you and your bike for helping humanity by taking care of mother Earth!

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