14 Easy Ideas for Families to Help the Earth

You don’t need to go far to protect the environment. You can be Earth’s hero without getting out of home. It’s easy to help improve the future world for our grandsons and granddaughters by simply reducing water and energy consumption in your home and generate less waste. Being a greener family is not complicated. That’s why I want to give you some ideas to start saving Earth and teach the youngest at home how to help environment.


If parents explain to children how to recycle and save energy since they’re really young, and make them participate in the measures we take at home to care for the environment, they will integrate these customs and ecological values as something natural.

So here we go…

14 measures to protect the planet in family

1. Start by buying only what you need and don’t allow yourself being swayed by fads or aggressive companies advertising, be sure many of those things will only become garbage a few months after you get it  

2.Use reusable products: cloth napkins and handkerchiefs, glass or ceramic dishes, etc. If you must take the lunch with you to going work or to go to another place, It is preferable to use glass lunch boxes and avoid using food aluminum foil or plastic films.

3. Use recycled and recyclable products. When doing this, you are saving water and other resources besides you help reduce pollution. Let me explain you why. As an example: To produce one ton of virgin paper 115,000 liters of water are needed; in the case of recycled paper 16000 liters, it means 89% less.

So before throwing any object, take a look of it and think if you can take advantage of it. Toys, used clothing or books can be useful to people in need, that way you’ll help environment and people at the same time. What a great human being!.

4. Separate litter at home to facilitate recycling and use the recycling center of your town to deposit oils, car batteries, fluorescents, remains of paintings, films, computer waste, etc.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables according to the season, select those that are organic and produced locally. This will stop promoting intensive productions of orchards that require large amounts of water and use fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the water.

6. Do not thaw food under running water. It’s much greener to get them out of the freezer the day before and place them in the refrigerator.

7. Choose chlorine-free cleaning products and avoid using detergents with phosphates and chemical surfactants.

8. Use ecological bulbs: Here we go with an interesting information that maybe you didn’t know… compact fluorescent bulbs consume only 20% of traditional energy and last eight times longer!

9. Turn off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. Remember that having the devices in standby (with the red light on) also consumes energy.

10. Reduce battery consumption. In addition to have  containing toxic substances are inefficient and waste energy.

11. Close taps when water is not needed and be sure to check that there are no dripping faucets in the house. One drop per second means 30 liters of water a day.

12. Shower, better than the bath. When taking a bath you can spend 100 liters of water; when you go shower you only use about 30 liters of it.

13.Do not throw down the drain anything but water. Organic waste, such as oils and other waste, pollute our rivers and hinder the work of the purification systems.

14.  If you wash your car at home, do it with a bucket and not with the hose. Washing your car with a bucket of water consumes 60 liters of water, compared to 500 which is hosing down.

So now you know. Earth needs our help, it’s time to start educating our children and ourselves in how to improve with little actions the future world and avoid a bigger disaster for humanity.


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