70 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Watching TV is one of the activities in which many people spend the majority of their free time. Either watching sports, cartoons, series, news or documentaries, any kind of programs we can find for all likings take us to even forget the time and not wishing to do anything else in that moment. Well, the idea is not exactly to go all the way against technology but think a little bit more in what’s really happening. TV and internet are the biggest reasons to turn devices on and keep them that way during hours and complete days with (almost in all cases) laisure objectives.

But what if instead of watching TV we invest our time on other things?

Here are 70 proposals for everyone in which we can use those hours currently spent in front of the idiot box.

1. Learn to play a musical instrument.
2. Go to concerts.
3. Visit a public library.
4. Listen to the radio.
5. Write an article or a story.
6. Paint a picture, a mural or a room.
7. Learn about trees and flowers native to your area.
8. Plant something.
9. Go for a swim.
10. Read a book.
11. Read to someone else.
12. Plan a trip to the mountains.
13. Go bird watching. Learn the names of the local birds.
14. Fix something.
15. Visit your city.
16. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
17. Learn how to make bread.
18. Learn to make jams.
19. Prepare homemade liqueurs.
20. Enjoy a moment of silence.
21. Become a member of a choir. Sing.
22. Check your wardrobe and clothes that you don’t use and take it to the parish in your neighborhood.
23. Start a journal.
24. Go to a museum.
25. Play cards.
26. Visit a used bookstore.
27. Make a craft object gift.
28. Note the night sky using binoculars. See the moon.
29. Learn about a different culture.
30. Take pictures.
31. Organize your photos.
32. Attend a play.
33. Join a theater group for amateurs.
34. Make physical exercises.
35. Repair or renew a cabinet.
36. Read poetry. Try to memorize the poems that you like.
37. Go dancing.
38. Watch the sunset or sunrise with a friend.
39. Go to the movies.
40. Get together with friends or family to discuss a book you have all read.
41. Organize a social gathering.
42. Change the pots of plants that you need.
43. Try to grow in pots aromatic and medicinal plants.
44. Listen to music.
45. Know the cultural center in your neighborhood and get involved in some of its activities.
46. Participate in the activities of the Social Ecologist Center.
47. Prepare a press kit on a topic you feel interested in.
48. Learn a language.
49. Reuse cooking oil: make your own soap.
50. Locate your neighborhood fair trade shops, second-hand and traditional trade ones too.
51. Take stock of your unnecessary expenses.
52. Visit exhibitions.
53. Learn the properties of medicinal plants. Try using them.
54. She makes an alternative kit with home remedies and plants.
55. Have romantic moments (remember to use condoms).
56. Learn to fix your own clothes.
57. Read the newspaper.
58. Enjoy moments of doing nothing.
59. Plan your diet: organize a balanced menu.
60. Take a walk in the park.
61. Order your library.
62. Interchange books and music with your friends.
63. Study a subject that catches your attention.
64. Practice a team sport.
65. Learn how to reduce energy consumption at home. Take it to practice.
66. Get actively involved in organizations that defend social rights against the system.
67. Visit the film library.
68. Visit the newspaper and periodicals library.
69. Join a self-managed Consumer Group or create a new one.
70. Attend a public event such as conferences, round tables, talk-debates, social gatherings.

Plus all that has a place in your imagination!

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