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The Best and most delicious Creamy fried bombs in 2023

The Best and most delicious Creamy fried bombs


INTRODUCTION ABOUT “delicious Creamy fried bombs”

For “delicious creamy fried bombs,” one thing you can always find in a Venezuelan bakery is stuffed pumps. They are sweet, light balls that are fried, then filled with custard, and dusted with sugar.

They are similar to the stuffed donuts that have become popular around the world, but they are a little dense. They are a traditional snack in Venezuela that brings many people back to their childhood.

In other places, they are called “Berliners” or “Krapfen,” which shows that they are originally from Germany. In fact, they are popular in that country, Austria, and many parts of South America where immigrants live.

Ingredients “delicious Creamy fried bombs”

The delicious Creamy fried bombs

• 500 grams of flour
• 2 eggs
• 25 grams of active yeast
• 70 sugar
• 50 grams of butter, without salt
• 1 cup cow’s milk, tibia
• vegetable oil, to fry
• 4 egg yolks
• 50 grams of cornstarch
• 150 sugar
• 1/2 liter whole milk
• vanilla bean
• 40 grams of butter
• 1 pinch of cinnamon
• lime zest

Preparation of “delicious Creamy fried bombs”

The delicious Creamy fried bombs

Firstly, you need to make the dough, put the flour in a bowl, and make a volcano-shaped hole in the middle.

Add the sugar, eggs, room-temperature butter, and yeast to the bowl.

Mix and add the warm milk a little at a time, paying attention to how the dough looks. It should be smooth and soft, but not runny. Knead the dough and make a ball.

Leave it in the bowl and cover it with a cloth to make it grow and light.

Set aside a half hour. Once it has risen, cut it into pieces, roll them into balls, and let them cool for another half hour.

Then, heat the oil over medium heat, making sure there is enough oil to cover the pumps. When they are golden, take them out of the oil and put them on a piece of paper to soak up the extra oil. For the pastry cream, put the milk, a little bit of vanilla, lemon peel, and cinnamon in a pot.

Put it on low heat and mix slowly; you’re going to take care not to let it boil. Then, we take off the lemon peel and add the yolks, cornstarch, sugar, and a little milk to the mixer.

We keep beating. Add the butter and keep doing this until it starts to take shape and get a little thicker. Cool down and get ready.

Once the dough balls have cooled to room temperature, cut one side without cutting them in half and fill with pastry cream. You can sprinkle sugar on them or serve them plain.

The delicious Creamy fried bombs


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Have Fun, our Best Visitors! Thanks for your reading and sharing these perfect and delicious Creamy Fried Bombs, and we invite you to try this recipe. AIR FRYER LIVER AND ONIONS

SOME information ABOUT Bombs with cream

Bombs with cream are soft and delectable fried snacks filled with custard. Bombs are great for breakfast and can be filled with Nutella or eaten plain.

They are also created in Italy during the Carnival season, along with many other delectable treats such as Castagnoli and frappe.

I recommend you try these because I am confident they will win you over from the first mouthful. I hope you enjoyed it with your family and friends.

I am so grateful for your unexpected visit and would love to see you again. God’s blessings!

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