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Which hairstyle is right for me?
How do you cut your hair?
Cut your hair; shorten the ends.
How to Make Your Hair Color at Home
How do you choose the right homemade coloring color to personalize a haircut?


Which hairstyle is right for me?

Squared, short, long, or degraded, our hair care routine can take different shapes under the expert hands of our favorite hairdressers.

So often, we find ourselves at the hairdresser on a whim because we wake up with a sudden desire for change.

It is better to first identify the models you like before changing your haircut to avoid disillusionment as much as possible and to bet on a hairstyle adapted to the shape of your face!

Follow the guide to discover the latest trends in haircuts, whether those from the shows or those that would suit you best! and adopt the perfect haircut for you.

haircut style (hair care routine)

How do you cut your hair?

Learning to cut your own hair takes work. This requires rigor and precision. To train, you can start by shortening your tips. The little extra?

This helps to revive the tone and growth of your hair.

They will only be more beautiful. It is also possible to cut your bangs alone if they fall into your eyes. We recommend cutting directly on dry hair in both cases.

Wet hair tends to rise after drying, and you may end up with a much shorter cut than expected, especially if you have curly hair.

Cut your hair; shorten the ends

Here’s how to get rid of your pitchforks with a few scissors:

• For a straight hair care routine, untangle your hair and straighten it. Draw a line in the middle, separate your hair into two parts, and then bring it back to the front of your shoulders.

Tie them with two elastics, slide them to the desired length, and then cut straight below each elastic. Take your time.

We usually cut between 1 and 1.5 cm of hair.

straight hair (hair care routine)

• For your curly hair care routine, untangle your hair and twist each strand with your fingers to define the curls.

Stretch a loop with your fingers, take your scissors, and cut slightly at an angle in the heart of it.

Do the same with each loop. Making vanilla or small braids or straightening your hair are other ways to cut curly hair. In the latter case, we can use the same method for straight hair.

curly hair (hair care routine)

Make your hairstyle: a square or a gradient.

The square is a trendy and refreshing cut that is easy to maintain daily. This hairstyle highlights the face and also removes damaged tips. To cut your hair square, here is our advice:

  1. On dry hair, draw a line down the center. Make a low ponytail near the neck.
  2. Put on an elastic band at this point and then cut straight at the elastic.
  3. All you have to do is remove the elastic and restore volume to the whole thing with a stroke of styling spray.
  4. Cutting your hair in a gradient is also possible. Here’s how:
  5. Untangle your dry hair and separate it in half from left ear to right ear, horizontally.
  6. Tie the hair tightly from behind, brush the front hair, and then gather it with an elastic band at the forehead.
  7. Next, determine the length to cut (at the nose, for example). Lightly taper using the picket technique.

How to Make Your Hair Color at Home

Coloring in your hair care routine is the solution you need by choice or because you can’t go to the hairdresser to color your roots, cover your white hair, or revive your color.

A quick and simple user guide please choose your color, apply it well, and use the proper care to preserve its brilliance.

We tell you all about home coloring in this period of confinement.

Hair Color (hair care routine)

How do you choose the right homemade coloring color to personalize a haircut?

Coloring allows you to personalize a haircut, enhance your complexion, or sublimate your appearance.

To succeed, be sure to choose your color according to your skin tone and your base color.

For example, avoid turning into a platinum blonde if you are a brunette with a dull complexion.

Similarly, if you have pale skin and light brown hair, you prefer copper and warm colors, which enhance the face and give a good look.


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